Custom window trim can transform your ordinary home windows so they exude a bold new look. While our standard windows offer beautiful basic trim, our custom window trim packages take things to another level. Stunning custom trim added to any window can make the windows stand out as the architectural focal point of any room. You can transform your existing windows from an unfinished afterthought to a striking design element.

In the remodeling project above you can see how the custom window trim complements the other trim elements added to this upscale living area. The addition of a subtle crown molding along with the chair rail and picture molding below, redefines the walls in the room. The tray ceiling added to this project creates options for contrasting paint colors. A close look at the photo and you will notice the transom casement windows added above the large picture window which open for additional ventilation. These are also surrounded by custom trim.

Window Trim Types

When selecting the custom window trim for your home we need to make sure it matches the both style of your home and your personal tastes. Let’s take a peek at the a few of the most common window trim styles:

Country: If you are adding new windows to an old farmhouse you may want to consider country style trim. The trim packages on these windows, while very plain are also thick and robust. They feature a wide top casing board with a thick casing cap above it and a thinner fillet board below it. Beneath the window a wide thick apron board. The side casing board is thick, wide and plain.

Modern: Modern or contemporary window trim often packages often feature a wide top casing board that extends beyond the vertical leg casings. Another concept with modern windows, is a trim package featuring a beaded casing on all four sides with beveled corners, in lieu of a conventional window sill and apron.

Victorian: Victorian window trim packages are very ornate. They tend to have matching beaded head casings and leg casings. The intersection of the head & leg casings features a decorative Rosette.

Traditional: Traditional window trim packages are basic in design with a simple apron & sill at the bottom. The sides and top of the window feature basic trim with varying profiles. The top corners of the window trim are mitered at 45 degrees. While very basic in overall design, this traditional style can still be enhanced by incorporating more decorative and detailed trim profiles.

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