Stone patios are the ideal outdoor spaces for entertaining and relaxation during the warmer weather. One of the advantages of using stone in the construction of your patio is that the end result will be a highly weather-proof, durable, and stunning patio. Stone patios resist the elements far better than a conventional wooden deck. Once you have made the decision to go with stone, your next decision will be what kind of stone materials to use for the construction of your patio?

Economical Materials

Concrete Pavers: There are several economical options available for the construction of stone patios. Some of the most common choices with an affordable cost are concrete pavers, fieldstone, flagstone, and cobble stone. Pavers made from concrete are long-lasting and come in a variety of shapes and colors. They aren’t natural stones, but they will still look great and can be laid to create a wide range of unique patterns and striking designs.

Fieldstone & Flagstone: While fieldstone and flagstone can appear to be similar at times, the terms don’t refer to exactly the same thing. Fieldstone is natural, flat stones, of any type that are used in their natural form and aren’t cut. They usually come ready for installation without much preparation work required of the stones themselves. This leads to a rougher surface with more variations. Flagstone can also be just about any type of stone, but it is generally cut to shape so that it will have a flat edge to work with. One of the more common flagstones is Natural Bluestone which is often incorporated into stone patios.

Cobblestone: Cobblestone is not commonly used in the construction of an entire patio surface. It is more likely incorporated in the design for trim-work and smaller detailed features. It is a rough-cut stone that’s shaped with chisels instead of saws, so the shapes and cuts are not as precisely rectangular as some other types of stones.

Luxury Stone Patios

Granite pavers, clay bricks, and thermal bluestone are some of the more expensive and luxurious types of stones utilized for high-end stone patios. Granite is the rarest type of stone used for patios, but also one of the most beautiful stones. Thermal bluestone exhibits a range of blue-grey colors, and it can easily be used in combination with other types of stones for a more unique look. Thermal bluestone is often used for pool decks as the surface provides excellent traction when the stone is wet. Clay bricks are not nearly as hard as some of the other varieties of stone, but they offer a gorgeous, antique appearance that stands out in most home patio installations.

The Verdict

Material selection can make or break your stone patio project. Stone patios built with natural-looking stones look great in most cases. If your preference is a smooth consistent finish you may prefer a patio constructed with concrete pavers. In the end, you need to find the right mix of price, durability, and style to match your budget and personal preference.

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