Adding kitchen transom windows can transform an otherwise dark kitchen into a bright new space. The remodeling project above included a small space with a fixed wall that would be difficult if not impossible to move. The addition of the kitchen transom windows in the narrow butlers’ pantry area, infused the space with natural light. The additional counterspace doubles as a wet bar or an additional food prep area.

Benefits of Kitchen Transom Windows

Transom windows are one of the more common architectural accents incorporated in the design of modern homes. For the most part, they are added for their aesthetic value. However, they offer additional benefits as well. Let’s examine some of the advantages of adding kitchen transom windows to your home.

Natural Light

Without overstating the obvious, one of the greatest benefits of installing kitchen transom windows is the increase in natural light. This can make an enormous difference when working on the counterspace, as illustrated below in this kitchen makeover. The same is true when adding transom windows above a doorway leading into the kitchen. Depending on the orientation of the home, the transom window will help to illuminate the hallway with natural light or the kitchen itself.

Improved Ventilation

For the most part, transom windows are fixed and do not open. However; there are cases where an awning window or hopper window could be used in place of a fixed transom window. For that matter, you could incorporate short slider windows or small casement windows into your design. It’s a great way to ventilate a small space such as a kitchen. That little bit of extra ventilation may be just what the chef in the family is looking for.


Architectural Design

Last but not least, kitchen transom windows are often included in the architectural design simply for their aesthetic value. The addition of a transom windows is one of the most cost effective ways to transform the appearance of any room or entrance door. The possibilities are endless from fan-shaped windows over a doorway to simple fixed windows like the photo below. Decorative glass can be incorporated into the design including leaded, stained, or etched glass.


Final Thoughts

Transom windows can be added above most window and door locations without costly alterations to the structure. They can be easily installed using common building materials and basic tools. Priced Rite Home Improvements can provide custom transom windows in just about any size, shape, and style. All of which will enhance both the beauty and functionality of your home.

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