Bay windows have been around for decades, gaining and losing popularity as generations pass. They don’t look like they’re going anywhere in today’s houses, but kitchen bay window designs specifically have a more questionable fate. Will this type of window be found in the kitchens of the present and future?

Bay Windows and Historic Homes

One of the reasons that bay windows became so popular is the mix of beauty and practicality. Before electric lighting came standard in every home, windows were useful for keeping the house brighter all day. Bay windows did an exceptional job, because they let in more light than an average standard window. This was one reason they became such a popular feature in homes, especially kitchen bay windows that would light up one of the most important rooms of the house.
Another primary reason they are so popular is that they add an element of beauty to any house.

From the outside and the inside, a bay window is a brilliant feature that improves the appearance of any home. Small houses managed to look bigger and more spacious, while larger houses with bay windows appear more luxurious. When placed in a small, confined kitchen, these windows make the space look much bigger and friendlier.

Kitchen Bay Window Designs and Modern Trends

With the rise of open concept houses that have grand, spacious kitchens, is the kitchen bay window an obsolete design today? It certainly doesn’t serve the same purpose of making an enclosed kitchen look more open and larger, but that doesn’t mean it’s going out of style completely.

Bay windows are actually increasing in popularity in newly constructed homes, because people are looking for something unique and special when searching for a house. While it might not be needed for functionality, it’s undeniable that these windows still have a lot to offer in terms of design and overall aesthetics of the home. Even an open concept kitchen can benefit from a bay window over the sink! Eat-in kitchen areas are also prime locations for larger versions, creating a pleasant nook for a meal each day.


It’s safe to say that just because the kitchen bay window is no longer necessary for its lighting benefits, it doesn’t mean it’s going to disappear. At least, it doesn’t look like it’s going to go away any time soon, as modern designs are still including the feature on a regular basis. Contact Priced Rite Home Improvements to learn more about kitchen bay window options for your remodeling project.