Preparing a home renovation checklist is the first step in ensuring your residential renovation project meets your expectations and your budget. Taking a little extra time up front to plan your project can help you avoid surprises, while at the same time establishing priorities. If you have recently purchased an older home and are embarking on an extreme makeover endeavor, our handy checklist below is a good place to start.

Home Renovation Checklist

Maintenance and Repair: Before you dive in too far with the renovation project itself, you should review the home inspection report and look for issues that need immediate attention. This would include issues such as roof leaks or plumbing leaks, anything that could lead to additional damage if not attended to right away.

Roofing: Speaking of roof leaks; if your home has any roof leaks, a new roof will rank high on your home renovation checklist. It should be one of the first things you do, otherwise you need to proceed with temporary repairs. The average life of a new roof is about 20 years, so if your home is 20 or more years old it’s more than likely time for a re-roof.

Windows & Doors: If you are remodeling an older home, the existing windows may be single pane, which are far less efficient than todays’ multi-pane, insulated glass windows. In fact, this is one item on your home renovation checklist that may actually have a payback in terms of energy savings. This is also a good time to consider changing the size or style of your windows, such as adding transom windows like we have added to the dining room windows in this makeover, or perhaps adding sidelights adjacent to the front entry door.

Home Renovation Checklist

Painting: Painting both the interior and exterior of your home is a quick and easy way to provide a fresh new look. Just keep in mind that there is much more to painting than simply choosing a color palette and rolling on the paint. It is important to take the extra time to prep the surfaces prior to painting. This may include sanding interior walls and patching any holes. The exterior should be pressure washed to ensure proper adhesion of the new paint. Re-caulk all joints, cracks and trim as needed, prior to painting.

Kitchen Upgrades: We could write an entire article on kitchen upgrades, but we’ll stick to a simple list here including new cabinets, new hardware, upgraded countertops with a matching backsplash, new light fixtures and under the counter lighting. There is a plethora of new kitchen gadgets you could include in your makeover.

Appliances: Consider upgrading your home appliances with new-style, energy-efficient models. This includes, your refrigerator, washer & dryer, water heater, and your HVAC. How about an ultra-quiet dishwasher for the kitchen?

Flooring: One popular trend today is to remove existing carpeting and replace it with hardwood or tile flooring for a modern, high-end look. Check out the hardwood floors and throw rugs in this makeover.

Home Renovation Checklist

Trim Upgrade: Adding crown molding and other decorative trim can totally transform your home. This is surprisingly cost effective and should be included on every home renovation checklist. Take a close look at the photo above to see the custom window trim, the trey ceiling, and the fluted trim in the foyer.

Electrical Upgrades: If you are renovating an older home it may not be equipped with GFCI outlets in the kitchen and bathrooms. You should add this to your plan along with the installation of exhaust fans in every bathroom. These items are needed to meet current building codes. Of course, this work should be completed by licensed electrician.

Plumbing: Chances are you won’t be replacing the plumbing in your home, but you will be surprised at how much new sinks and faucets will change the look of your kitchen and bathrooms. While you’re at it, include new toilets in your plan to get away from the old boring standards.

New Interior Spaces: Now it’s time for some serious remodeling. Take a close look at the floor plan of your house to see if you can remove any walls to open-up the space such as the dining area in the project photo above. Perhaps you can utilize attic space to expand a small closet and turn it into an oversized walk-in closet. You can make a space feel larger by simply adding a window or increasing the size of an existing window.

Landscaping: With the interior complete you will want to move on to the exterior spaces. Consider a stone patio with built in cooking center or a new larger deck with built in seating. Install outdoor landscape lighting to enjoy your new space in the late evening.

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