In an earlier article, we looked at some of the advantages of installing curved transom windows in your home. Let’s take it one step further and take a look at how curved windows can totally transform the front entry of your home. The image above of a foyer renovation tells the tale, but let’s take an in-depth look at how the total package works together to beautify the entrance of your home and make it the focal point as guests arrive to pay you a visit in your newly renovated abode.

Let the Light Shine in with Curved Windows

In our previous article about curved transom windows, we talked about how a curved transom window will allow more light into your home and illuminate your foyer with natural sunlight. The opposite is true when standing on the front porch or sidewalk outside of your home. In this renovation project, you can clearly see the foyer chandelier shining through the transom window. This is an excellent example of how curved windows can enhance your front entrance. Be sure to include the installation of a stunning new light fixture as part of your front entrance renovation project.

Front Entry Sidelights

It’s one thing to add curved windows to your front entry transom. But to make it even more spectacular you should consider adding sidelights as well. This additional overall width allows for a much wider transom window with a well-defined, yet gentle curve, and a striking appearance.

More commonly today, front entry sidelights are full height, meaning they are the same overall height as the door itself. However; for this front entry renovation project, you can see how a shorter sidelight can leave space for an accent such as this stacked stone façade. The use of a shorter sidelight windows will also present the opportunity to install casement windows adjacent to the front door to let in that fresh scent of spring.

Speaking of Stone!

Just look at how the stack stone compliments the other design elements of this front entry renovation project. The color of the gray stone matches the dark black front door very well. It also goes very well with the fieldstone landing.

I know what you’re thinking! Installing stacked stone is going to break the bank and put you well over our budget when all you wanted was simple curved windows added to your entry transom. Have no fear, if authentic, natural stacked stone, doesn’t quite fit into your budget there are many synthetic replica stone veneers available today. While they won’t look as rich as the real deal, from the street it will be hard to tell them apart. The big savings here would be found in the reduction of labor cost compared to the time it takes to install genuine stacked stone.

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