Installing a curved Transom Window at front entry of your home can completely change the look and feel of your home. After all, the first thing friends and relatives see when they come to visit is the front door of your house. Did I say curved Transom Window? Yes, you heard me correctly, not all transom windows are rectangular.

The History of Transom Windows

Not all architectural details survive the passage of time. Some structural components go by the wayside as new materials and construction techniques become available. Other’s fall out of favor as new architectural design trends emerge. Transom windows seem to have bridged this gap and continue to be popular today. The first transom windows appeared on the scene in Europe in the 14th century. Long before Thomas Edison invented the first light bulb in the late 1800’s.

Residents in this era discovered that a small opening above an entry door would not only allow additional light into their homes, but the windows would also encourage fresh air to enter the home without compromising privacy. These early renditions of transom windows weren’t as elaborate as our modern windows. Some were simply a round hole cut in the wall. Occasionally they would cover the opening with a translucent animal skin to seal the opening, while allowing some additional light into the home. I’m thinking today your home owners’ association may frown upon the use of animal skin to cover a window opening!

Over time, the design of transom windows continued to evolve. Most transom windows are fixed position, but there are some models available that open like a typical casement window. There are many decorative options on the market from standard muntins to colorful stained glass in a variety of patterns. The possibilities are endless.

The Rebirth of Transom Windows

It seems like transom windows faded in popularity in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s for some reason. Shortly thereafter, the trend in home building included grand, 2 story front entryways which coincided with the rebirth of transom windows. Architects and homeowners alike appeared to rediscover the beauty and functionality of transom windows.

Popularity of the Curved Transom Window

Today’s transom windows are primarily a decorative feature that complement the architectural style of new homes. While the majority of transom windows are rectangular in shape, a curved transom window can enhance the appearance of your front entry. The unique design and shape of a curved transom window, also known as a fan light, can become the focal point of your entryway. Not to mention adding natural light to enter and illuminate your foyer.

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