Client Testimonials

The professional staff at Priced Rite Home Improvements prides itself on providing 100% customer satisfaction. Our team of experts will go the extra mile to ensure you are satisfied with every aspect of your project. Here are just a few of the many client testimonials.

Good afternoon, Mr. Moretti. You were the first contractor to offer a copy of your license and proof of insurance. We saw some of the work you did in our neighborhood. We are thoroughly impressed. When can you start putting in our windows?

A. Patel, Residential Client

I sure am glad we called you! Our house is beautiful!

O. Rosa, Residential Client

My wife’s face just lights up when she hears all of the compliments. Thanks Tom!

S. Bulotovic, Residential Client

I stand to save some good money on my heat and air this year. My windows may come out to be virtually free after just a few years.

J. Schwartz, Residential Client
I didn’t know you would come out this far. Thanks.
Y. Freund, Residential Client

We’ve had a few bad winters here. Not this year! This winter my little girl won’t have to sleep under three blankets to stay warm . Our new windows are good and tight!

D. Washington, Residential Client

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Tommy and the guys really took care of me. Insulated windows and siding I don’t have to paint, SUPER!

F. Livorsi, Residential Client

Your men cleaned up everything when they were finished. They even raked up my leaves and bagged them. Great job!

Z. Kowalski, Residential Client

Tom, you make me proud to be a house flipper/rehabber. You got me some high quality windows for my investment property at a fair price. They helped me sell the house fast! See you soon!

G. Maniatis, WP Maniatis Homes LLC

Tom and Tony, You guys did a great job. The whole neighborhood will see this place and they’ll want your number too! Property values going up, that’s a good thing!

V. Hubbard, Residential Client
Your window installers were quick and clean. Good job Tom!
T. Anderson, Residential Client
I love Price Right Remodeling, My Salesperson was very patient and didn’t mind repeating things or re-demonstrating the beauty of the Window. I ordered windows before but the quality of these do not even compare. Best place to order from in fact I am ordering more now.
John, Residential Client

These people are great! Wonderful experience from beginning to end. After meeting with 3 different companies we decided on Price Right Windows. We had all our windows done plus our front and back door replaced. High quality products, very competitive pricing and great workmanship. Thank you Price Right our home looks beautiful! We will be contacting soon for our next project…Window Replacement. Can’t wait!

Stacy, Residential Client

I have had tons of windows and doors replaced in several homes that I own and non-compare to Price Right Windows. They are timely with the best quality. And very CLEAN! Work is concealed to one room there isn’t trash and things all over my house and they leave with almost nothing for me to clean but just the extra time to enjoy my windows and doors. I love this place; working with another company ever would be insane on my part.

Sean, Residential Client
Best thing about Price Right Remodeling is that there is no extra pressure added to an already high-pressure situation in my opinion. The sales rep was very calm and helpful, not pushy. Gave me the best prices and with the best quality windows and then when the workers came out to my house to did the best quality job. Everything was done with extreme care with then produced a great window replacement. After this phenomenal experience I will not be working with any other company than Price Right Remodeling they are the absolute best. There is nothing more I can say but Thank You.
Stefan, Residential Client
Price Right Windows is the absolute best of all time. There quality, customer service, and willingness to work with you in a timely manner is unmatched. I was in correspondence with one person throughout my whole process and that is something that I loved. I hate speaking to 10 different people about one job. I had 4 windows and 1 door replaced and everything was perfect and pristine. I have had windows replaced by other companies and they were horrible experiences. Sloppy work, rude people, and quality of windows were crap! I will never work with another company other and Price Right. Great Work, Great Prices and Great People! Price Right I will be contacting you soon for my next project =)
Jen, Residential Client

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